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Barely days after she came back from the Grammys in the United States of America, Nigeria’s version of Lady Gaga, Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey, popularly k...

World News

Zambia’s founding father and former president Kenneth Kaunda was taken to hospital on Sunday, but is said to be in good spirits, the government said. ...


Tigo, a subsidiary of the international telecommunications and media company Millicom (Stockholmsbörsen: MIC), a leader in thirteen markets across Afr...

Religion & Culture

This news flash just in: The City of San Diego and Chargers have reached an agreement to build a multi-billion dollar football palace downtown. This j...


Marc Anthony may be 110 pounds wet … but in the money department he’s a world champ, because he’s just acknowledged he rakes in $1.2...


Hundreds of German scientists are working around the clock to try to pinpoint the source of a strain of E. coli which has already killed 10 people. ...


Google maps 8 bit

Leave it to Google to get the April Fools' party started one day early. One of the company's fun lit...

01.04.2012 | 0 comments
Apple iPad 3 Event Set For March 7

The rumors were true: Apple has just sent out invites to an iPad event for next Wednesday, March 7. ...

29.02.2012 | 1 comment
Interpol: 25 Suspected Anonymous Hackers Arrested In New Crackdown

PARIS — Interpol said Tuesday that 25 suspected members of the loose-knit Anonymous hacker movement ...

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David Moyes takes blame for Man Utd defeat at Olympiakos

  Manchester United manager David Moyes says he is to blame for his side’s 2-0 loss to Ch...

26.02.2014 | 0 comments
Junior Seau dead at 43

Junior Seau, a homegrown superstar who was the fist-pumping, emotional leader of the San Diego Charg...

03.05.2012 | 0 comments
Egypt soccer match brawl leaves at least 73 dead

An Egyptian soccer match between two longtime rivals descended into a violent echo of the bloodiest ...

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Solar flare speeding toward Earth

>>> last night, while we were on the air covering super tuesday, there was a storm on the surface of...

08.03.2012 | 0 comments
Tornadoes Hit Midwest: Missouri Tornado Kills At Least 116

JOPLIN, Mo. (AP) -- Rescue crews dug through piles of splintered houses and crushed cars Monday in a...

25.05.2011 | 0 comments
Earthquake fever hits Rome

(Reuters) - A prediction that a huge earthquake would destroy Rome on Wednesday prompted fear in som...

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